Reducing Production Overhead Cost by Applying Engineering & Management Methods

An Ultimate Solution for Engineering Management


  • Muhammad Muneeb KUBS



Engineering Mangement, Industrial Engineering, Cost Reduction, Profit


The most concerning problem which the manufacturing industries are facing is how to control their liabilities. The top level management always has the two strategies, either to increase sale or to lower their liabilities. In order to control the liabilities of the manufacturing industries, the main focus is always to reduce ‘Production Overhead’ Cost’. The main aim of this paper is to devise the methods of reducing overhead cost. Paper mainly focuses on Maintenance & Utility department for cost reduction. As per the finding it is clear that working on the areas of maintenance & Utilities can be more feasible. The methodology is applied on engineering & managerial side of the company for the purpose of cost reduction. By   implementation of the ideas for the reduction of overhead cost, the company’s liabilities will be drop by good margin.


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