Students’ Perception of Quality Education in a Pakistani University

A Qualitative Approach


  • Usama Abdul Rehman
  • Rashid Hussain Abbasi
  • Muhammad Ismail Odhano



students’ perceptions, educational facilities, challenges and barriers to quality education, teacher’s role


This paper aims to assess students’ perceived opinions regarding quality education, using a thematic analysis approach, in a Pakistani university located in semi-urban vicinity. There has been considerable work done in order to examine students’ perceptions to what they deem as quality education, but there is a big vacuum that is yet to be filled in terms of knowledge base regarding quality education in a university, especially in a Pakistani university context. The study promises to come up with considerable solutions for the underlying problems in acquiring quality education. Thematic analysis was used to assess and categorize data in order to achieve best possible results. A total of 10 students were interviewed individually. All the students belonged to undergraduate level under multiple disciplines. The reason behind choosing participants pertaining to diverse programs was to make sure the perceptions of various students can be assessed and analyzed. The study found out that there are four basic determinants that decide quality education at a higher level, namely elements of quality education, challenges and barriers, educational facilities, and teacher’s role. These all emerged as central themes around which the responses were constructed. It was observed that the teachers play a positive role in quality education as per the respondents’ views. They also consider the financial and political constraints as groundhogs in the acquisition of quality education.


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