A Comparative Study of Analysis of Pre-COVID19 and Post COVID19

Commercial Banks In Bangladesh


  • Md. Saiful Bari BRAC University




Commercial Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Capital, Interest rate, Ratio analyses, Camel rating


For the economic growth of Bangladesh, we need the help of our financial institutions (Banks) however, recently, a few of the banks is showing distress due to pandemics. Through the study, we have conducted to evaluate the performance of three local banks (Prime Bank, NCC Bank, and Agrani Bank) and one international bank (Citi Bank N.A. Bangladesh) operating in Bangladesh using the CAMEL rating system and rank them based on their performance. At first, under the components of CAMEL rating, we have shown the performance of each of the banks based on year. Then we have given Time Series analysis and Benchmark analysis under each of the components of CAMEL ratings. We have collected our data from annual reports of the banks for the period of 2017 – 2020. Based on the CAMEL rating, we have seen NCC Bank is in second place whereas, Prime bank, Agrani Bank, Citi Bank N.A. Bangladesh is in third place. Through our conducted research, we have gathered the knowledge which bank needs supervision from the central bank, identifying the strength and weakness of the banks, which bank is performing the best and for what reason we have used our both subjective and quantitative knowledge thus, in our research, we are providing the glimpse of the performance of the financial sector in Bangladesh.


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