Exploitation and Preservation Agricultural Way of Life for Agro-Tourism Development

A Case Study of Tra Que Village, Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam


  • Trung Ha Van Khon Kaen University - Thailand




Agro-tourism , Agricultural way of life , Tourism development , Rural development , Viet Nam tourism


Agricultural tourism is a form of rural tourism that has thrived in recent years in the world and in Vietnam. Tra Que Vegetable Village in recent years has exploited the values of the traditional agricultural lifestyle of Vietnam to develop agro-tourism to meet the demands. However, the issue of exploiting and preserving the values of this agricultural lifestyle has not received much attention. The purpose of this study is to explore the typical characteristics of the agricultural lifestyle of Tra Que, the status quo of conservation, and promote those values in agricultural tourism development. Households participated in answering the survey questionnaires together with in-depth interviews with two individuals. The results show that Tra Que has many characteristic elements in the lifestyle that attract tourists, but the exploitation and preservation of values of agricultural lifestyles is not really effective. Enhancing the conservation and promotion of agricultural lifestyle values in agro-tourism activities will further enhance the ability to attract Vietnamese tourists visit Tra Que Vegetable Village.


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