Factors influencing Decisions of Investors to invest in Stock Market

Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange


  • Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Khan




Investors , Investment decisions , Stock market


The personal view of investors is always affecting stock market's environment as well as the financial condition of the economy. This paper attempts to investigate the factors that are responsible for a person’s decisions regarding investment on stock markets. For this purpose, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) is considered as a model. For this study, 400 questionnaire are given to the participants, who have been a user of DSE for more than 2 years, in between January (2020) to July (2020), The main objective of this analysis is to find out the main reasons that influence investor's decisions of individual's investment in stock market. This study also examine the experience of investors, the prospect they have on stock market. The priorities of picking the best companies while investing are also being discussed.


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